Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby A // Bountiful, Utah

Alright people this baby is THE cutest little baby and such a peaceful sleeper! Seriously! She was super easy to take pictures of. It was a great opportunity to play around with newborn photography, which I don't actually get to do every often. This little girls mom I grew up with her family, a little bite. They are an awesome family, who I look up to A LOT. This family is solid and truly have a desire to always serve the Lord. Brittany, mom of baby A, is one of the sweetest girls. I remember when I met her like 5 years ago I thought she had a very easy to get a long personality, that is just genuinely interested and caring. This attribute is certainly got from her mother. Another thing that really impressed me with Brittany is how kind she is to her children and you can tell just by the way she looks at them that she really loves and cares for them. I won't understand the love of a mother until I am one myself, but there are people like Brittany who let me pick into it for a second and see the joys that come.

Thank you Austin and Brittany for letting me take pictures of your previous angel. I know that she will grow up to be a great women one day, because of your example and the spirit that is felt in your house.

A little glimpse of the love Brittany has for her little girl

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aaron & Riley Bridal Session // Layton, Utah

Aaron and Riley are just perfectly perfect for each other! They seemed very comfortable around each other when I was around them. Just a very happy couple. Not only were they just adorable but I had a really neat opportunity to second shoot with Winsor Photography. It was a great opportunity and she is just fabulous! She is a natural photographer who makes her clients feel very comfortable.

Well check it out!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rickard Family // Utah Lake

Alli and are are co-workers together and when I met her about a year ago, I thought she was just a really nice person. As a new employee, I was such a nub and didn't know ANYTHING! I was always asking her and another girl questions all the time. She would always response super nice and very helpful. She pretty much saved my job because of her willingness to help. Then when she went on maternity leave I realize AH one of my security blankets wont be there! That was a time where I really had to think more through things, but I knew that if I really did even have a question, she would answer it, even being on maternity leave. Guess what? I actually had to ask her a few questions.  I was really glad to see her come back after her long maternity leave. She is just awesome and very beautiful!

Alli's husband, Shane is a WAY into video and photography, so I felt a little pressure taking their pictures knowing he would probably be more particular than others. He really enjoyed video and has a sweet camera to match with it! 

Thank you Richard family for letting me taking your family pictures! It was just so beautiful on the lake, it totally looked like the ocean to me! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

This was shot with my Canon 6D

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Bills Family // Alpine Loop, Utah

The Bills family has a special place in my heart, your might already know why, based on my last name, they are my family!! I have been apart of this family for 16 months now and I have been so very thankful to be apart of their family.

Darren and Debbie have 5 sons and now, 3 daughter in laws. They have raised such amazing young men. Each are very smart and gentleman like. I know this from experience because my husband is one of the smartest guys I know and I have never been treated so well in my life! I know that Steven, my husband, would not turn out this well if it weren't from some amazing parents. I believe they have taught him very well. I know that he will in return make an amazing dad one day.

This family is just amazing and they also are so good looking! Take a look at these gorgeous people that I am so glad to call my family.

OOOOOH and I forgot to mention something VERY important. I didn't take the picture of Steven and I, my awesome sister in law took over the camera and took some beautiful pictures! She is also a photographer, check her out! Her name is Naomi. I am very thankful for great sister in laws. Naomi is someone I really look up to in the photography world. She's actually one of the photographers who photographed our engagements and wedding. You can also check those out on her blog!

Well now for what you have been waiting for! The Bills Family!!

And this is our cute little nephew, throwing rocks! My husband took this and I am pretty sure he was throwing rocks at MY CAMERA!!!! haha But look at him, how can you be mad, right??

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beautiful Laura! // Provo, Utah

Laura has asked if I could take a few head shots for her and I was like YES!!!! Knowing two things 1. that the pictures would turn out awesome because she is BEAUTIFUL 2. I knew that I could take a few pictures that were more than just head shots! Seriously Laura is just so beautiful inside and out. She is the kind of person that you feel really comfortable around and is just genuinely nice. When you meet her you can just tell that she really cares about what you are saying and she is interested.

Laura is a certified Yoga instructor and personal trainer! She is in such amazing shape! She really knows her stuff when it comes to personal health and wellness. Not only does she well educated but she really enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. Being able to teach yoga and personal training, I think, really helps her to share that with others.

The First time I met Laura I was very impressed by her and I thought I think she would make a good friend, turns out that is true. It helps that she is just very nice. Laura is also SUPER devoted to serving the Lord and making sure she is doing things that are pleasing to Him. You can just see the light she has because of her great desires to learn from the Savior. So thankful for someone who is a great example of a true Christian and being faithful.

Thank you Laura for asking me to take these for you, it was seriously such a pleasure! OOOOH and I have to mention on kind of embarrassing thing. I have this lovely Pelican case for all my millions of SD cards. When I got to the photoshoot I couldn't find my case!! I was soooo embarrassed. My husband had taken them out for a video project he was going. Thankful Laura saved the saved the day and have a SD card for me to borrow! She was so patient and nice about it while I was just feeling so unprofessional and thinking she might take by wanting me to take pictures of her. But as you can see, I over worried! haha :) Well take a look!

These pictures were shot with my Canon 6D with the 70-200 F/2.8 L lens! :D

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Steve & Cathryn's Wedding // Sundance, Utah

Yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to photograph a destination wedding in Sundance. Sundance is one of the most beautiful places in Northern, Utah! You can just look at these pictures and tell how GORGEOUS it is! Also another cool fact, to the North the sky was super moody and to the South it was gorgeously blue. That added a good variety to these images. 

I had a friend of mine second shoot with me, her name is Amanda. It was so nice to have her there and I am sure she got equally great pictures! It is always great to have another photographer there with you, especially since I had never met the bride and groom face to face until yesterday. 

Thank you so much Steve and Cathryn for allowing me be apart of your special day. You two are beautiful together and I know that you life will be filled with love and happiness!