Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scott & Tiana's Wedding! :)

Seriously never met a more happy bride! Nothing could go wrong that day for her because she was just over joyed! I LOVEd taking their engagements and their wedding was even better!! I am so happy for them! Eternity is the best!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Steven & Carlie's Weddin

Steven & Carlie were married in the Jordan River Temple. They are very calm and kind people. Their marriage is going to be filled with so much happiness! Good luck and enjoy eternity together!

Kylie and Fayoz Wedding Video

At Fayoz and Kylies wedding they wedding videographer was able to capture their special day! Such an awesome job! For some reason I can't upload the video.  Just click on the link below and check out the video!

Sunset Sunrise

On thursday we went for a morning hike at 4AM! We hike Squaw Peak in Utah and it was a blast and worth getting up to see the sunrise! THEN on friday we hiked the Y and watch the sunset! AMAZING!! Could have picked better days! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preston and Emilee's Wedding Video

Another AMAZING wedding video done by Steven Bills! Preston and Emilee make such a beautiful couple! Emilee was soooo happy that I am pretty sure nothing could make her sad that day! Congrats to you both! I wish you a life time and eternity of happiness!! 

Formals with Fayoz and Kylie Mulladjanov

These two are meant for each other! I was so thankful to take their formals for them! Fayoz is very much in love with Kylie and it is just adorable!! They have such an amazing relationship! Congrats to you both!