Saturday, June 22, 2013

Self Portait of the Photographer herself! // UVU Graduation

I graduated from collage back in April!!!!!!! Such an accomplishment for me! I am the first in my ENTIRE family to receive a degree outside of high school. It has been a long hard road, financing my entire education myself.

I remember when I first began applying for colleges my dad thought I was weird for wanting to have a Bachelors degree. You see my dad never completed school, in fact he went to one day of 8th grade and then quit.  One might think he probably isn't successful, but that would be incorrect. My dad is a very hard worker and developed his own company and now makes LOTS of money. So to him he believes that education isn't what gives you success but hard work. I on the other hand believe in hard work and education.

My college experience has molded me to a women that will be able to provide for her family and at the same time take of my family as a future home maker. Yup that is right I am going to use my education in the best way, to educated my children. BUT until that time comes I work fulltime at WellSteps and do photography on the side.

After my husband and I got married we were looking at our finances and we thought that we wouldn't be able to pay for my education. Of course I believe that my husbands education comes first so we knew that if we couldn't offered both of us, he would be the one to continue his university studies. After praying significantly over this and I truly had a desire to go to school the coming fall, after we were married. We had this feeling that we BOTH needed to be in school. That took great faith because financially we just couldn't do it! I signed up for classes and went to class the first few days of school not knowing how it would work out. Two days before the tuition deadline (14 days into the semester) we had a miracle, I found out that I had a scholarship and that all my school would be paid for and then some! I had a FULL RIDE!!!! I cried for so much, I felt to much gratitude for a Father in Heaven who cares, listens and wanted my desires to come true. I worked hard, kept my grads up and graduated Cum laude! I thank the Lord daily for his tender mercies!

Anyway, if you read what I just said thank you if not, well just enjoy the pictures then haha!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Pearson Family // Provo, Utah

The Pearson's were just a great family to photograph! Let me tell you Katrina's style is one that I wish I had! Seriously, great clothes, she is BEAUTIFUL and she has a great personality to go with it! Tanner is so lucky to have such a genuine person. 

Katrina and I actually go to the same church together and we work with the young women of our ward (congregation). They run from ages 12-18. Such an age where girls are trying to figure out who they are. Katrina is the best person for the job! I am so blessed to be able to work with her and learn from her amazing testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. Tanner takes care of the sunday's school for our congregation. He sometimes teaches or he asks other to teach the lessons. Basically these two love the Lord and want to do all that they can to please Him. 

Amelie is SOOOOO cute! Just look at the third picture down! HAHAHA When I saw that I thought girl you couldn't have had better timing to itch your eyes! Seriously so adorable! And don't forget her BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! Seriously you just fall in love with her just from those eyes! 

Well enough of my on and on writing, take a look enjoy this cute little family! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Preston & Emilee's Wedding // Salt Lake, Utah Temple

Preston and and my husband are BEST friends, so it was a great opportunity to attend their wedding. Preston and Emilee were married almost 2 months now! How time has flown by SUPER fast! It was a beautiful day for two beautiful people. Emilee just happened to be an easy bride who all she cared about was being married to her best friend! I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for Jessica Hills Photography and that was a blast! She is a wonderful photographer with great talent! Thank you Jess for letting me be apart of this day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Tate Family // American Fork Utah

The Tate's use the live across the street from us until they moved back in December. Erica and I use to be work out buddies and it was so much fun! I was sooooo excited when they asked me to take their family picture with a baby bump! She is due in December, so that is why she looks SUPER skinny, she is only a few months along. Oh and it was the weekend before mothers day, hence the happy mothers day! :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tanner & Becca Engagements // Utah Lake

Tanner and Becca are sooooo stinking funny and play off each other VERY well! I felt like I was laughing nearly the entire time, and they were probably laughing about 98% of the time. Good thing I got some wonderful shot of them! Seriously one of my favorite engagements sessions with the most PERFECT couple! Take a look at these pictures, and I think you will agree! Thank you Tanner and Becca for driving down to Utah to let me take your pictures! Such a great experience!