Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Wilson Family // Utah County

Seriously their little girl is ADORABLE!!!! She is the sweetest little thing. She was born 3 months premature and has had a lot of difficulties in life, but still is always smiling and happy about life. It was such a pleasure to take their pictures!

Thank you for asking me and hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Westfall Family // Provo, Utah

Where to start with this cute family?? I have known them for a few years now, I think it was freshmen year in college! They are seriously such an adorable couple and Lizzie has to be one of the sweetest nicest people I know. Seriously she is just awesome and Bryan is equally as awesome! When Lizzie emailed me asking me if I could take their family pictures I could NOT resist! I knew that my job would be easy because of how adorable this little family is!  Check them out and enjoy!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

David & Chelsea Bridals // SNEAK PEAK

Here is a little SNEAK PEAK from todays bridal session! It was seriously so much fun and it was just absolutely gorgeous at the Tibble Creek Reservoir this evening! More to come, can't wait to show more!!

Gabe & Lauren Engagements // SNEAK PEAK

These are a few of my favorites from this morning session! I just HAD to show a sneak peak! These two are ADORABLE! Can't wait to post more!

Thank you Gab & Lauren for asking me to take these! I can't wait until your wedding!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Heiniger Family // Apline Loop, Utah

I seriously had so much fun photographing this family, they are absolutely ADORABLE, especially their daughters Christeen and Elizabeth. I really loved their free spirit.

Heidiann and her husband make such wonderful and patient parents. Honestly I was really impressed by their nature as parents. I could tell that they reflected the light of Christ in their relationship and parenting. That is one thing I love about photography is observe parents and how they react to their children.

I learned a very important lesson when I photographed Elizabeth, don't take you stuffed animal from her, even if you are trying to use it as a tool to get her to smile! haha I honestly felt so bad, and I have learned my lesson not to take children's special toys from them. The site of me made he cry. Poor girl! Then we traveled to another location and things changed. She must had forgot about me because she was TOTALLY happy after that. So glad for how easy she was to forgive and forget.

Christeen had to be the CUTEST and funniest little girl! Seriously she stole my heart by the end of this session, seriously just adorable! My favorite picture of her is her hand up to her lips shhhhing! Adorable! Both girls were so photogenic and adorable. Loved those two girls!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Neuffer Bridals // Utah County Photographer

Seriously people I am in LOVE with Laura's wedding dress it is absolutely beautiful in every way! It is not very common that people have a knee length wedding dress. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Seriously just adorable! Not only is her dress adorable but so are they! Seriously take a look at them! They are so prefect together.

Thank you for letting me take these pictures of you two! You are just darling!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Peterson Family // Provo Canyon, UT

Seriously this family is adorable and they have become some of our really good friends! Steven met Brandon last year when they both were applying for the industrial design program. I truly believe that one of the reason's Steven felt prompted to go into that program was so that he could meet Brandon, which in turn I met Amy! YAY! I seriously feel so blessed to have their friendship. Two Saturday's ago, Brandon wanted to do a couples video of Steven and I. We didn't know until we go to the park, but when Brandon said it I couldn't have been more excited!!!!!! We never got a wedding video, since we had to pay for our wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing it, but take your time Brandon, I know you have LOTS of other projects and school.

Brandon and Steven both love videoing and both are equally very good at it! I am really excited to see what the video looks like. Brandon said it would take probably until thanksgiving, but heck I am just excited! Anyway! This family is just wonderful and awesome! So glad that I was able to take some pictures after Brandon filmed us! They are adorable in every way and they are just some of the NICEST people! Amy is one of the best mothers I know, besides me own mother of course. You can just tell how much she loves her little girl. Then again how could you not love that adorable little thang??

Well enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment if you would like. They always find me joy!

Thank you Brandon for shooting the video for us and thank you for letting me take these for you! Just adorable!