Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morgan's Session Pictures // Seattle, WA

When I knew I was going to be visiting Washington this last summer, I knew that meant I would be able to take my little brothers senior pictures! First off, I can NOT believe that my brother is old enough to be a senior! WHAT!! Now I feel old! I am really excited for his future and I think he can do anything as long as he puts his mind towards it! My brother is also especially good looking, no I am not bias, i've had MANY people tell me how good looking he is. He was blessed to have two good looking parents, plus I might add a beautiful family! Seriously everyone is just SUPER cute!

Anyway, take a look at these pictures of this stud! I think he is single, so ladies watch out! :D

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  1. Kristina you did a great job on his photos... He is very handsome, love Aunt Carmen