Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Barnes Beloved Session! // American Fork, Utah

I absolutely taking picture of couples because their love for each other is so easy to portray through pictures! Matthew and Amanda are seriously super cute together! Amanda and I were roommates a few years ago and we instantly became friends. We didn't know each other before we were roommates, but I was sure glad that she turned out to be an awesome roommate and friend! We had so much fun together. One very fond memory I had of Amanda was one day she was taking a nap, all though I didn't know. You see Amanda is the tiniest thing you will ever meet, so when she sleeps under her covers, she just blends right in, not even a bump! So you could see how I had no idea that she was there. I can't exactly what remember what happened but she awoke and scared the living day lights out of me!! HA! Seriously fun times with that girl! Glad that we randomly became roommates. 

Thank you Amanda for asking me to take these pictures for you. You are gorgeous! You and your husband are super cute together!

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