Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Peterson Family // Provo Canyon, UT

Seriously this family is adorable and they have become some of our really good friends! Steven met Brandon last year when they both were applying for the industrial design program. I truly believe that one of the reason's Steven felt prompted to go into that program was so that he could meet Brandon, which in turn I met Amy! YAY! I seriously feel so blessed to have their friendship. Two Saturday's ago, Brandon wanted to do a couples video of Steven and I. We didn't know until we go to the park, but when Brandon said it I couldn't have been more excited!!!!!! We never got a wedding video, since we had to pay for our wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing it, but take your time Brandon, I know you have LOTS of other projects and school.

Brandon and Steven both love videoing and both are equally very good at it! I am really excited to see what the video looks like. Brandon said it would take probably until thanksgiving, but heck I am just excited! Anyway! This family is just wonderful and awesome! So glad that I was able to take some pictures after Brandon filmed us! They are adorable in every way and they are just some of the NICEST people! Amy is one of the best mothers I know, besides me own mother of course. You can just tell how much she loves her little girl. Then again how could you not love that adorable little thang??

Well enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment if you would like. They always find me joy!

Thank you Brandon for shooting the video for us and thank you for letting me take these for you! Just adorable!

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