Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Virgil & Raquel Wedding Day // Logan, Utah // Vintage Wedding

This was such a FUN wedding to photograph and boy was I so SUPER excited to photograph it when they asked me to be there! Virgil has been one of my closest guy friends since we met in University. I think the fact that we both enjoyed working out instantly made us friends. haha! If you work out, you know how that can bring people together. I met Raquel last April, and instantly I thought, yup they are so good for each other. Their wedding day was even more evidence to how perfect these two are together.

Their wedding day was SOOOOO hot, which added to the awesomeness of it all! It was the second weekend in a row that I shot in over 100 degree weather, so I was pretty much ready and prepared for their wedding. Their wedding was just absolutely fantastic and perfect. They had their reception the night before, which was something new to me, but I liked it. The cake scene was by far my favorite!

Take a look at the wedding video on this blog to see what had happened. I had never seen a cake scene like this, it was perfect for video.

Also did I mention, they had a vintage style wedding? How cool right? That is why there is a little vintage feel to these images.

Lastly, I want to thank Virgil and Raquel for giving me the opportunity to photograph their wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I loved the love that was between them! :) It was wonderful! Well ENJOY!

This was the first time he saw her :) LOVE!

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