Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Bills Family // Alpine Loop, Utah

The Bills family has a special place in my heart, your might already know why, based on my last name, they are my family!! I have been apart of this family for 16 months now and I have been so very thankful to be apart of their family.

Darren and Debbie have 5 sons and now, 3 daughter in laws. They have raised such amazing young men. Each are very smart and gentleman like. I know this from experience because my husband is one of the smartest guys I know and I have never been treated so well in my life! I know that Steven, my husband, would not turn out this well if it weren't from some amazing parents. I believe they have taught him very well. I know that he will in return make an amazing dad one day.

This family is just amazing and they also are so good looking! Take a look at these gorgeous people that I am so glad to call my family.

OOOOOH and I forgot to mention something VERY important. I didn't take the picture of Steven and I, my awesome sister in law took over the camera and took some beautiful pictures! She is also a photographer, check her out! Her name is Naomi. I am very thankful for great sister in laws. Naomi is someone I really look up to in the photography world. She's actually one of the photographers who photographed our engagements and wedding. You can also check those out on her blog!

Well now for what you have been waiting for! The Bills Family!!

And this is our cute little nephew, throwing rocks! My husband took this and I am pretty sure he was throwing rocks at MY CAMERA!!!! haha But look at him, how can you be mad, right??

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