Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Red and Gold Christmas Tree // First Christmas Tree

I LOVE Christmas and I love Christmas trees! This is a special tree for me because it's our first christmas tree in our first home! Maybe I am more sentimental than most, but I just love it and I couldn't be more excited! We bought our tree at target, because I LOVED the tree! I feel in love with it because it's not your ordinary trees, its a Virginia pine. Just look really close at the pictures and you will see the difference! LOVE IT!! :D

When we but this tree up a realization hit me that this was our home and when start having children, their presents will be under that tree. I know so sappy and blah blah blah. I just remember as a kid seeing the tree and knowing that on Christmas there would be something under that tree for me. I really look forward to our children experiencing the same thing. I love where we decided to put the tree because it's right by our stairs. That way when we walk down the stairs we will see it! I love it and it is beautiful! I am thankful that we have a tree and that my husband and I will have this memory for years.

As you look through these images you will notice I didn't take a picture of the while thing. I am embarrassed to say that our tree is naked... we don't have a skirt for it! I really need to get on that! The goal is to make one, but we will see if that will even happen. Anyway, enjoy the photos! I love our tree!


  1. Well get on that so we can see the whole thing! :)

  2. You don't cover the bottom of the tree with a skirt! You cover it with presents!!